About Us



BAMBOOCHI was founded by an avid aviator who is passionate about cycling, fascinated by engineering concepts  and building things with his own two hands. 

He decided to create his own bamboo bicycle in 2012 from bamboo grown in his own field. Quality craftsmanship and technical perfection remained inspiration while developing the product.

Now he dream to take this project to village level for creating more job opportunities.

Hand crafted , customized bamboo bicycles



We offer complete customized bicycles frame geometry and component selection . 

We grow our own bamboo and hand pick stocks specially for  bamboo bicycles frames


 Bamboochi  bikes are designed for maximum speed and comfort. It yields a quick ride yet you will delight in the comfort that is inherent with vibration-dampening bamboo. It’s sure to be quick to the office or spirited venture in the city or country.