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Wes Williams,Virginia , USA


"Bamboochi is truly a great cycling product. I've ridden quite a few cycles over the years, and the Bamboochi frame is one of the most supple I've encountered. In addition to a quality build, Shekhar and his team are an absolute delight. I felt like my design considerations were taken into account at every stage, and I will definitely be a lifelong Bamboochi fan."

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Captain Mahendra Dalvi, Mumbai, India

 Bamboochi bicycle with Shimano Tiagra group set , RST carbon fork and Miche wheel set is a pleasure delight for a regular rider like me. The Bamboochi bicycle weighs just about 10 kgs and customised geometry with inherent bamboo flexibility motivates me to ride more than 70 plus kms every week with atmost comfort. After placing order, Bamboochi team involved me in all aspects of Bamboochi bicycle building ..from geometry to component selection , so I am more attached to this product. Needless to say while riding ,Bamboochi bicycle gets more appreciation because of its unique natural look . I congratulate Bamboochi team for producing this world class made in India product.  

Mail:- dalvimahendra@hotmail.com 

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